Selection Camp





Are you associated with a school?


  • At the secondary level yes, we are partner with L’école l’Odyssey of Terrebonne.
  • New to the program in 2017-2018, secondary school athletes will be able to go to their chosen schools as long as they can attend daily training and be in good standing at the academic level (behaviour and outcome).
  • At the primary and post-secondary level, the student-athlete can go to the school of his or her choice provided that he or she can attend the daily training and that there is no shortage of school.



What distinguishes the Ulysses Academy program from other school curricula?


  • Our academic follow-up that has been developed so as to adequately meet the student-athlete. No Class Period is lost (school follow-up protocol).
  • Student-athletes are driven to be accountable for their success.
  • The school always goes before hockey.
  • New to the program in 2017-2018, the student-athlete of secondary age can go to the school of his choice as long as he can be present in daily training and is in good standing at academic level (behaviour and outcome).




What does it mean if my child does not study at the Odyssey High School (ÉSDO)?


  • It will not be possible for the pupil-athlete to benefit from the school follow-up protocol in the same way as the student-athlete enrolled in the ÉSDO.
  • will not be able to benefit from the specialized coaching to help with investments in higher levels.
  • Because the timing of the hockey season is based on the ÉDSO school calendar, it is quite possible that school leave does not coincide and that school days are lost or that the student-athlete cannot accompany the team.
  • Transport between the school and the JC Perreault complex will have to be assumed by the parents.




What are the costs of your program?


  • The costs differ depending on the category and classification of the student-athlete. Fees may vary from $2 300 to $10 500.




What's included?


  • School follow-up protocol
  • Team of professional coaches
  • Transport between the school of ÉDSO and the JC Perreault complex
  • Morning Transport for the sectors: Repentigny, Mascouche EtTerrebonne.
  • Lodging on the road (hotel)



Your program is done for my child, but I don't think I have the financial means


  • If your child is selected in our program, it is possible, through our plan of visibility and partnership and the participation of parents, to receive financial assistance in order to alleviate the registration fees.


What are the categories offered at Ulysses Academy?
  • In 2017-2018, Ulysses Academy will have 5 teams:
    • U10 – Grade 4 and 5 Grade
    • U12 – Grade 6 and 1 secondary school
    • U14 – 2 nd and 3 nd Secondary
    • U16 – 4 nd and 5 nd Secondary
    • U18 – 4 nd and 5 nd secondary * and postsecondary (CEGEP, DEP, NPU-Grade12)

* Only some exceptional players (academic and athletic performance) of secondary ages carve a place in the U18.




How can I register for the selection camp?


  • Two steps are required to register for the selection camp:
  • Stage One
    • Fill out the online form on the website and submit the last school bulletin.
  • 2nd step
    • After analysis, you will receive a confirmation email if the application for the selection camp is selected or not.
    • If the application is selected, the registration fee of $50 must be paid online.




What are the selection criteria for the selection camp?


  • The student-athlete will have to demonstrate an A1 attitude at school.
  • Have a safe ballot.
  • Have the athletic potential.